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Murchison oasis 

Dear Ed,

A recent trip from Nelson to Westport found our car full of weary passengers seeking a tummy refuel in Murchison, but guess what? Even though it was lunchtime, there was only one (yes, just one) cafe open—Rivers Café in Fairfax St.

What a pleasant surprise— attractive modern looking, creative deco with a woodshed feel, log burner fire going and comfy seats. Best of all was the wonderful selection of homemade foods. My sausage roll (with a small side salad) was super tasty but was then matched by the huge scone full of minced walnuts and dates, accompanied by home made butter and home wrapped. None of this plastic sachet stuff at Rivers Cafe.

Thought your readers deserve to know about this spot if they haven’t already discovered it.


Chris Cascade

Folk hero not appreciated

Dear Ed,

The Fishing Paper & Hunting News has been great and I make sure that I pick one up every time there is a fresh copy out. However, making the paper a medium for political comment by a self-appointed folk hero is taking a trek down the wrong river. Keep those sort of comments out of our paper so we can have more articles about fishing and hunting. Eg July 2022 issue.

Regards Bruce Horton

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