Suppressors on talking?

We have a real problem with the whingers and whiners moving into the countryside, near facilities that make a little noise. These newcomers are happy to bitch about anything, be it shooting noises, aeroplanes or stockcars. I have even heard of them getting all upset with deer farms. Then they create havoc and try to shut down existing activities, simply on the basis it doesn’t suit them. They way I see it, if you move into an area with pre-established and existing activities or businesses creating noise—then suck it up.

What is it about people who go looking for a place to live, pick somewhere they like but because they don’t like the noise, they bitch like a mummy’s boy until they get their own way and shut things down?

I believe we have a very weak justice system because it lets these people ruin our way of life. We are meant to care about everyone’s rights and feelings but not at a cost of giving up our own. I am not very good at that to be fair, as I believe those there first have the right to carry on as they have for years and if you don’t like it then take a hike and go somewhere else.

That the courts even give them the time of day pisses me off.

I was at a pistol club recently that has been hard done by due to newcomers and the sound restrictions forced on them. They now have to use suppressed .22 pistols or primers with wax projectiles in the revolvers. This is nuts; the limit is 55 decibels, which is a normal person talking. In order to be fair, shouldn’t everyone in the area have the same restrictions? Imagine suppressors on talking.

This would mean no more lawnmowers or chainsaws, to say nothing of turning the music up a bit. Our problem with the legal process is it is often not about what is fair or right but who has the money to fight it. So much for a fair fight.

New Zealand has always been made up of all types of people and we used to have a live and let live attitude and were happy to help each other. Yes, I know that makes me old, but why did we let this die? The government wanted us to spy and dob in our neighbours during lockdown. Only a fool would have done this, as your neighbours are the only ones who can help you in time for it to matter, when the shit hits the fan. In some cases now, neighbours are fighting to shut down or have moved people who dare make any noise in their chosen sport or business. Crazy world we live in.

On a side note, the New Zealand team selection for the IPSC World shoot to be held in Thailand at the end of the year has been made and I’m very proud and honoured to have been selected as part of the Open Team. I’d also like to congratulate the other team members.

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