TAKACAT : The Go – To water craft!

Some guys swear they’ve had more fun with their TAKACAT than their bigger boats.

I can vouch for that… my 3.8m fits in a couple of bags…takes about 7 minutes to inflate, and with the wheel kit, it is easy to pull to the launch spot.

Mine has a 15hp PARSUN, which is max weight/power for its size. The cat design makes it super grippy, sitting as flat as a pancake on the turn.

It’s rugged, lightweight, easy to clean with heavy duty material and additional protection on the scuff zones.

You need to be wary of sharp objects that might create a small hole, so landing nets, bait boards, and gear boxes are good to have. Hooks tend to glance the heavy-duty material.

If you’re pulling up cray pots, a bit of garage carpet on the deck and the pontoon will be a great safeguard.

TAKACATS come with the open bow or enclosed option. The open version is great when you’re offloading your catch bag of paua or have had success with the spear!

The shallow draft lets you get in close. There’s also a fin that slots into the deck so it can be used as a paddleboard.

The Kiwi-designed TAKACAT is incredibly stable and is really great fun for everyone…explore! 


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