The one that got away and the one that did not

I love Twizel, there is so much to do! My goal was to catch a 20 pounder on this trip. I started my fishing with three nice chinook salmon over this first two days. However, I was struggling with my rod as the line kept breaking.

I was pretty sure it was a worn tip, so I changed my reel onto another rod. I was feeling confident. The strike came, not really, I felt the smallest of tug on my line and then the line started to peel off. The fight was on, and it was a fight.

I was struggling to move the fish from the current. An audience of onlookers surrounded me so also a little nerve-wracking. I was starting to make progress when disaster struck. My line snapped! It was not the rod it was the reel! I stood there stunned, struggling to believe what had just happened again.

As the disappointment started to kick in, I walked away, hopped into the car, and went to Jakes Hardware Store. They had the perfect reel, a good price and put braid on for me. I was back out within an hour but had no more luck that day.

The next morning, I was out early, and the day was calm and fine. It was about 10am and I felt my line go slack and started to think my line had snapped or my sinker had come off. It was not until I regained tension on my line, I felt a weight. I had a fish, and it was swimming towards me.

It must have realised it was hooked as it went out into the current. I worked it, it put up a good fight and certainly knew how to use the current to its advantage. There was no way I was going to lose this one!

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