The one that nearly got away

It was after the first date, and a shared love for fishing, that Nick opted to take the plunge and ask Hannah on that second date. “To catch a kingi”. 

Hannah had a few good fish under her belt, but she’d never caught a kingfish and the desire to catch one was something she couldn’t say no to. Although she wasn’t quite sure about Nick.

On the way out to Nick’s secret spot X, he told Hannah that he would fast jig to hook one then pass his rod over to her to reel it in. Hannah wouldn’t have a bar of that and said, “If I didn’t hook one myself, it won’t count.”

It wasn’t long after Nick started jigging that BAM! He hooked one. He tried to pass the rod over to Hannah, who stepped back on the boat and flat out refused but watched instead, soaking in everything she needed to know to land a kingfish. The one Nick landed was a serious fish which meant it was Hannah’s turn now.

With zero experience at fast jigging, she looked a hell of a mess but after a couple of minutes in she was on.

Spot X does not disappoint. With Nick yelling at her not to winch the hook out of the fish’s mouth and Hannah panting and spluttering she finally her first kingfish

And it was bigger than Nick’s…

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