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Components of the system
Vijay Nikora Raj has agreed to share more of his words of surfcasting wisdom. Here is his take on using rod tip lights for surfcasting through the night.

Ninety percent of my surfcasting done here in the Eastern Bay of Plenty is under the cover of darkness. What helps me most while fishing at night are rod tip lights. They are a great tool to help with your night fishing, helping with bite detection or knowing if you’re hooked up and not constantly standing over your rod. Makes life much easier, especially if you are fishing two rods at the same time.

The tip lights come in various colours. Blue, green, red, orange and pink. My two favourites are green and blue as my eyes can detect the bite much easier.

It’s a simple to use, battery-operated light, which works via a twist switch. Easy to attach to your rod with a slide that is supplied and run off two batteries, also supplied. LR44 round batteries.

From my experience though it is best to purchase a packet of the batteries for your tackle box as like anything, the supplied batteries won’t last forever. They do last a good few allnighters though.

The fitted tip light above the guide

I have found the best place to attach the slide holder for the tip light is directly above the second or third guide eyelet on your rod to prevent wrap around, causing a snap off and losing your gear.

The reason for placing the slide holder directly over the guide eyelet is no matter what, the line must go directly through the eye and has no way to wrap around the fitting.

You can glue, bind or tape the holder to the rod. In my case insulation tape works best.

The holders/ slides come in two sizes as all rods are different sizes, so you have the option of a thinner fitting or of a larger fitting for the likes of the Kilwell Powerplays. Their top sections are usually thicker, so the larger slide is best suited.

Ready for assembly

Most fishing stores throughout the country will stock these and they retail for around $16.99-$18 depending on the store.

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Nga mihi Nui

Vijay Nikora Raj

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