Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Gabriel Zevin

Penguin Random House Reviewed by A P Crimp 

R.R.P $48.00

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow is a book that captures the aesthetic and charm of early game making so well that you don’t need to be a “gamer” to feel nostalgia. The story follows Sam and Sadie through a decade’s long friendship full of successes, tragedy, fallouts and most importantly a shared passion for video games.

The book itself is heavily character driven however, the characters are strongly developed and realistic, the central plot is scattered with personal stories that allow you to get to know them deeply. The title and cover are an ode to the small aspects of this book and a tribute to its characters making for more than just an eye-catching cover by the time you’ve finished. Sadie and Sam’s relationship is intricate and even though you might side with one or the other at times, their dynamic together is what makes the story so enjoyable. The narrative style is predominately simple and straightforward except for one or two moments that take on an abstract/artistic narrative. These are hit or miss but don’t take away from the novel as a whole. The story forces you to slow down and enjoy what you’re reading while simultaneously making you want to read it in one sitting. The term “cozy” has been used lately to describe books, games, tv shows etc. Although this book is realistic and at times sad, it borders the “cozy” definition. I certainly felt happy, comfortable and snug while reading it.

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