ToolShed Portable Jump Starter/ Compressor

In a world where mobility is paramount, having a reliable companion for those unexpected roadblocks and outdoor adventures is essential. Enter the ToolShed Portable Jump Starter/ Compressor – a compact powerhouse that promises to be your go-to solution for all things on the move.

Unleash the Power: One of the standout features of this portable wonder is its robust 12AH Lead-Acid battery, capable of delivering up to 950 amps of peak starting current. This means it’s more than equipped to jump-start not just your car, but also your motorbike or light truck on a single full charge. No more fretting over dead batteries in the middle of nowhere or during the cold winter months.

Versatility at its Best: The ToolShed Jump Starter/ Compressor goes beyond just reviving your vehicle. It boasts an integrated LED work light, ensuring you can handle nighttime emergencies with ease. Plus, with two USB outputs for charging your portable devices and two 12V outputs for a variety of accessories, it’s a versatile power bank that keeps you connected no matter where you are.

Inflate with Ease: What truly sets this device apart is its built-in 150PSI air compressor. Need to pump up inflatables for a beach day? No problem. Want to maintain the proper tire pressure on your car? It’s got you covered. The ToolShed Jump Starter/Compressor is your all-in-one solution for both power and air needs.

Compact and Convenient: This compact unit is designed to be your onthe-go sidekick. Whether it’s stored in your vehicle’s trunk, on your boat, or in your work van, it’s always ready to bail you out of tough situations.

In a world where mobility meets uncertainty, the ToolShed Portable Jump Starter/Compressor stands tall as a beacon of reliability and convenience. Don’t leave home without your trusty sidekick, ready to jump-start your journey, illuminate your path, and inflate your dreams. It’s the compact solution that empowers you to conquer the road ahead.

All these features for just $299 incl GST – shop now!

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