Two terminal tackle knots

My go-to surfcasting terminal tackle types are the pulley rig and the one hook clipped down ledger rig. When I make these rigs I only use two knot versions: the uni knot and the long line knot.

The uni knot is so called because of its universal use in all aspects of fishing rig making. I could use the uni knot to tie on hooks but prefer to use the long line knot for this purpose, as it makes the hooks sit in a better catching position at the end of the trace. For all other ties, on swivels, sinkers, etc, I use the uni knot, as it is simple to tie, reliable, and can be completed using only one end of the length of line. For the long line knot, both ends of the trace need to be available to complete the knot.

Long line knot stage one
Long line knot stage two

In this knot, once you have threaded the line through the eye of the hook and completed seven or so winds around the hook shank, you then need to pinch the winds to keep them firmly in place and thread the other end of the trace through the eye from the opposite side of the bent barbed sharp end of the hook. Pull this tight and the hook will be held at an angle conducive to a hook up.

The uni knot

When pulling knots tight, a bit of spittle on the line makes things easier and preserves the integrity of the line, as easy slippage reduces the heat that can be generated by friction on a dry line.

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