Ubco 2×2 Electric Motorbikes

Isaac Russell Stihl Shop Nelson This year, we added the Ubco 2×2 battery-powered bike to our transport options and have found it to be amazing in all sorts of ways.

The Ubco Electric Motorbike is; 

• All Electric

• All-wheel drive 

• 150kg carry weight 

• 50kph max speed 

• 120km max range 

We have used the Ubco bike for a number of applications: running the pig dogs during the week, cutting down walking time to and from hunt locations, stalking in on game where a normal vehicle would simply alert the game to your presence, and of course, just having fun on a bike of this kind.

Recently, I was hunting a local farm with the dogs and opted to take the Ubco with us. As we worked our way up the hill, it was apparent that none of the stock was aware of our presence until we were literally 10 meters away. The near silence that the Ubco generates undoubtedly has its benefits, particularly today. As I rounded the corner, I was greeted by a small mob of pigs. I immediately stopped as they lifted their heads and looked in my direction, I made no eye contact, and waited for my dogs to round the corner. 20 seconds later, the dogs arrived, and the usual proceeded, 4 dogs on the two bigger pigs while the smaller of the mob scarpered under the fence.

In previous hunts, we have driven this track in the vehicle and never seen any pigs in this location, possibly because they would have heard us well off in the distance as we approached.

With a 150kg carry weight max load, I had to be creative getting off the hill. With one pig on the back carrier, the other on the front, and myself at 85kg, we were well over the recommended carry weight, but with it all downhill, we cruised our way down without too much trouble.

If you think the Ubco might be a good fit for your business, lifestyle, or outdoor adventures, please contact Stihl Shop Nelson for a free demo.

ubco.co.nz or nelsonstihlshop.co.nz

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