Wedding ‘rod’ has bend in it!

Georgie with her Capital catch, a brace of PBs.

There has always been a running joke in our family, that from time to time, gifts from Dad to Mum (usually on Mother’s Day) would be a fishing rod or something for the boat. These are given tongue in cheek, with Dad knowing full well he will be the main beneficiary, which normally works in his favour.

On my recent wedding day, my uncle Malcolm tried to mirror this move for me by gifting a new fishing rod to my wife Georgie, handed over with a wink, thinking it would most likely end up in my quiver of fishing rods.

A month or so later, with the dust settled after the wedding and a rare day of settled Wellington weather to take the boat out, it was Georgie who suggested we head out fishing to try out ‘her’ gift.

It was one of those evenings where Wellington’s south coast turned it on and it didn’t take us long to start filling the bin with good snapper. These included a couple around the 5kg mark, winched in by Georgie on the new rod, which stood up to it despite the ‘arguing’ of the healthy snapper on the other end on the way up. It was the perfect christening for the new rod with a couple of easy PBs for Georgie.

It is safe to say that Georgie will be keeping that one, but thanks for the thought Malcolm.

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