When the Safari Bug Bites

It’s amazing the number of Kiwi hunters who dream of hunting Africa. The most common expression I hear is, “It’s on my bucket list!”

It’s also amazing the number of Kiwi hunters who never get passed the dreaming stage, which is genuinely a tragedy because it’s an opportunity lost. An African hunting safari is definitely a bucket list moment but also an experience that surpasses even the most wildly optimistic hunter’s expectations. The experience creates a longing to return and leaves hunters with indelible memories.

Of all the many hunters I have introduced to African Safaris over the past decade, none have returned disappointed and many have returned to Africa on safari: some several times. There’s an old African saying: “Everything in Africa bites—but the safari bug bites worst of all!

Understandably, some are nervous about such a venture and you do hear horror stories: lost trophies, and worry of delving into the unknown.

To that end, I have established a network of very professional operators in New Zealand and Africa, who assist in every aspect of the hunt: flight bookings, permits, accommodation

Safety is a key issue with most and rightly so. However, despite the stuff you see on the news or via social media, South African safaris are very safe and don’t operate in areas of trouble or unrest—I have never felt unsafe or been are many biomes to hunt: the bush veld, mountain savanna, East Cape mountains, low veld, Karoo and so on.

There are also many types of operators, from huge concessions to small Hunters and Outfitters who have generally been in the game for generations and who specialise in established herds on their properties—genuine fair chase walk up hunting; no shooting from the vehicle.

Accommodation is either in booked for this year and 2025, so now is a good time

If you have a dream to hunt Africa—don’t just dream it… do it. Call me now and let’s put a plan in place— together.

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