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Crispy skinned duck breast with late summer berries and horopito on buttery silverbeet and scallop potatoes

Roll on autumn and what better way to celebrate than with a comforting seasonal nosh. I’ve chosen duck this time perfectly balanced with late berries and horopito, buttered silverbeet and crispy scallop potatoes, not too fancy but comforting and a perfect match for a nice red or pint of your favourite ale.

Duck – I have lightly seasoned the duck breast with ‘Smoke & Spice Co” seasoning and browned in a hot pan , add a cup of wild blackberries and some Horopito leaves into pan and place in hot oven for 12 minutes then cover and rest – don’t overcook.

Silver Beet – Place washed and torn leaves into pot with a touch of water, cook until wilted then drain, season and add a nob of butter.

Potatoes – roughly peel and slice potatoes into thin rounds, place in oven dish lightly covered in chicken stock and butter, season and oven bake for 20 minutes in a hot oven.

Layer potatoes on bottom of plate followed with silverbeet, sliced duck on top and finish with berries and pan juices – in the words of Tina …. “ Simply the best !

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