Winter tamure on junkie jigs

Jjigging proved flavour of the day for snapper

This season has probably been the best year for tāmure in the Wellington region, for both shore and boat anglers. My local fishing club ‘Wellington Angling and Surfcasting Club’ recorded the most snapper caught in over 60 years in existence. Amazing. And even in the winter it seems.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited out on a mate’s boat for a day of fishing around Kapiti Island. The big difference for me was no bait or berley was allowed aboard! Luckily for me, I had two very experienced jig anglers on board and very lucky for me was that I got to use their gear. Boy do they have the best rods, reels and jigs available in NZ, with one brand made here in Wellington (Junkie Jigs, one of which I used, the Sonic).

One mate, Peter, was on the ‘slow pitch’ jigs, boat owner Luke tried all day with softbaits and I was on slow jigs. And it turned out that the slow jigs were the order of the day, as I had three snapper in the bin before anyone else caught any! And I dropped a really good one.

The last drift of the day found us reeling in the tamure, with 12 in the bin overall between the three of us. Peter got busted off on a nice kingie, I caught a spiny and Luke got one barra, but that was the only other fish we caught.

What a great way to fish. No smelly bait or burley on your hands and clothes; it was very different to what I am used to, however, I might just have to buy myself a jigging rod and reel now. Oh and some Junkie Jigs!

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