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Excellent European thermal imaging optics

Pulsar is the most trusted brand in thermal imaging. Our clients include professionals, goverenment, rescue volunteers and hunters throughout New Zealand.

Designed and manufactured in Europe using the latest technology and the finest componmentry, a Pulsar thermal will deliver outstanding performance for many years.

Our thermals feature

  •  Milspec Lynred and BAE Systems sensors
  • Outstanding optics
  • Fully waterproof Mg alloy housings
  • Internal heat management
  • AMOLED display screens
  • High capacity quick-change powerpacks
  • Three year warranty

​800m laser rangefinder

​Thermion 2 LRF Pro

LRF XP50 Pro – $9999.00

LFR XQ50 Pro – $6799.00

​Thermion 2 Pro

XP50 Pro – $8999.00XQ50 Pro – $5999.00XQ35 Pro – $5399.00 

Talion XQ35 / XG35

XG35 – $7399.00XQ38 – $4699.00

1000m laser rangefinder

Helion 2 XP50 Pro

XP50 Pro – $7299.00

Axion 2 LRF XQ35 / XG35

LRF XG35 – $5599.00LRF XQ35 – $3999.00

 Axion 2 XQ35 / XG35

XG35 – $4999.00XQ35 – $3399.00

 Axion XM30F

XM30F – $2499.00

Merger LRF XP50

Thermal clip-on

​Krypton XG50

XQ30 – $4399.00

Proton XQ30

XQ30 – $4399.00

Special Save $799.99

FREE European made Jaeget specialist clip-on ready riflescope, worth $799.99 with Pulsar Krypton and Pulsar Proton thermal forward clip-on devices. Choose 3-9×40 or 1.5×42.

​3 YEAR WARRANTY (1 year battery warranty)

The Pulsar warranty only covers goods that are bought through the territorial distributor who holds a valid licence for the goods supplied by the factory. Ensure your Pulsar product is sold with a gold box sticker.

Pulsar thermal optics and night vision riflescopes are internationally controlled ‘Dual-Use’ goods that must not be exported outside of New Zealand. 

Prices and specifications may change without notice. Goods subject to availability, O&OE. Published September 2022

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