July 2024 – Issue 226

A taste of what you can find in this issue:

- Have a look at the giant landed by young Callum – epic adventure off D’Urville Island
- Blair has been tackling kingfish off his kayak
- Learn about the new shooting comp of “speed steel”
- Check up on the Wild Kai competition from the Wairarapa
- And a reminder that you should have downloaded the Mainland Catch App and be using it so that accurate fishing data can be captured.
- Finally, don’t forget that the Boat, Fish and Dive Expo is on at Mystery Creek 31 Aug and Sept 1 – see inside for details including an amazing prize up for grabs

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Editor's Choice

The mission began for 7 year old Max Harwood setting off from Port Nelson.  Max was very focussed and determined to catch his first albacore tuna to add to his species list for his Dawnbreakers Fishing Club competition. We took some big gear out with us to make it easier for him if he managed […]

A story about the indignity a ‘Mo’ suffers during a spearfishing mission, The sole purpose of my life is to be free to sit in proud display above a top lip – Mo.  The sun is shining, a gentle breeze stirring in its warmth, all is right in the world. Excitement simmering in the background. […]

Nestled amidst the Kaikoura hinterland, the hut was a welcome sight on that clear August dawn. The omens were good: fine weather and plenty of deer sightings. The objective was to get my son his first deer—a fitting present for his thirteenth birthday. As we lazed on the deck late in the morning, a small […]

For our first trip of the season, we headed to Kaikoura for a long weekend as it is only about two and a half hours from Christchurch. Our road trip has its own little rituals, after hitching up our Osprey and leaving Christchurch, our first stop is for a coffee and scone at Amberley and […]

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