Book Reviews » My Sweet Revenge

April 30th 2017

Jane Fallon31942576

Penguin Random House

RRP $37

Reviewed by Lynnaire Johnston

Don’t know about you, but I like my literary diet varied. Sometimes I’m drawn to books that enrich my life and help make be a better person. Other times, I like junk food books – light, easy reads that hook me in, tempting me to steal a few minutes here and there during a busy day to see what my fictional character-friends are going to be embroiled in next. My Sweet Revenge falls into the latter category. The perfect book for a wet weekend when you want only pure escapism and entertainment, and have the peace and quiet in which to enjoy it. The plot is straightforward enough. Woman who has given away her career to do the wifely thing, finds out her successful husband is cheating. The twist is that instead of leaving, her revenge plan is to make him fall in love with her again. And then she’ll turf him out. Great idea. Doesn’t quite work out that way, however. Events are soon out of the spurned wife’s control with the storyline ducking and diving in the usual unexpected directions. Jane Fallon has written many of these types of books – six of them top 10 bestsellers. She’s also a television producer of such shows as ‘Teachers’ and ‘20 Things To Do Before You’re 30’. I’d venture she’s adept at finding new angles that lure in readers like me who enjoy a good chick lit every now and then (more often that I’m prepared to admit). It may look like a hefty tome, but I promise you’ll whizz through the 400 pages in less time than it takes to make and munch your way through a batch of Sunday afternoon scones. Addicts of literary junk food (like me) will love this.